Our popular gelato cakes are available in three sizes. Each cake contains two flavours of your choice, has a sponge base and is artfully decorated with chocolate and sugar works. We are happy to write a message on your cake for special occasions.

 SMALL $48.00  Serves up to 8

SMALL $48.00

Serves up to 8

 MEDIUM $52.00  Serves up to 12

MEDIUM $52.00

Serves up to 12

  LARGE $59.00    Serves up to 18

LARGE $59.00

Serves up to 18



Our fantastic florist Cat & Fiddle Flowers has designed beautiful fresh cake toppers for our cakes which are available on both our medium and large cakes. These beautiful wreaths last up to a week if kept in the fridge and easily double up as table decorations, perfect for Christmas day!

Price Guide:

Flower Cake Topper Small (available on medium cakes) $35

Flower Cake Topper Large (available on large cakes) $38

As cakes that come with a flower topper will not contain edible decorations the prices will be as follows;

Medium Cake $45

Large Cake $52

Each cake can be made with two flavours of your choice and will contain a sponge base and gloss finish


Our speciality cakes are a perfect way to mark that extra special occasion. We offer a variety of carefully constructed gelato cakes and need three days notice to make sure we have time to create these special treats for you. Serving sizes are a guideline only as gelato cakes are far richer than regular cakes we suggest smaller slices than regular.


Affogato Log

Our signature Affogato Log is filled with our world wide award winning Affogato gelato with a layer of Single O Latte, sitting on a sponge base it is encased in semifreddo cream and covered in caramelised almonds

$70 serves 15



A Cow and the Moon original, the Bombe Alaska is ‘bomb’ of Passionfruit Cream, Lime in the Coconut and Bella Chocolate gelato with a hidden ball of Blackcurrant and Blueberry sorbet in the centre; covered in an Alkermes soaked sponge and toasted Italian meringue

$70 serves 12

DSC06593_Declan McWhinney  copy.jpg


Layers of homemade meringue, White Chocolate and Bergamot gelato, cream semifreddo and Passionfruit Cream gelato makes this a delicious ‘gelato’ version of the family favourite.

Please note that the pavlova comes without cream or fruit, it is finished with a toasted italian meringue and is yours to decorate however you like!

$65 serves 16

Our gelato pavlovas must be kept in the freezer and decorated upon serving.




Our annual Christmas Puddings come in both ‘Gelato’ and ‘Sorbet’ for a truly magnificent addition to the Christmas table. Our Gelato puddings are filled with Traditional Christmas Pudding, Vanilla Bean and Bella Chocolate gelato whilst our sorbet puddings are filled with Mango, Lemon and Blackcurrant and Blueberry sorbet.

$78 serves 12



A chocolate and hazelnut log with a delicate hazelnut base, coffee liquor, filled with Bella Chocolate and Hazelnut gelato before being covered in cream semifreddo and finished with chocolate fondant

$75 serves 15